A Totally Unique, Rewarding Career

Escorting is becoming more and more popular with women in London – but why do these ladies love it so much?

Working as a high class escort has to be one of the most exciting jobs out there. What makes it so special though? Here’s everything that you’ve ever wanted to know about escorting – along with where the best high class escorts London has to offer can be found.

Discover more about themselves

High class escorts love their jobs because they really get to explore their sexuality. For a flirtatious, adventurous woman, escorting really is the dream career. They will get to experiment and have fun with all kinds of men, fulfilling a huge range of fantasies as they do. The best escorts in London really love what they do, and getting to fully explore their sensual side allows them to become better and better at their jobs. Practice does make perfect after all!

Live the high life

Working as a high class escort offers many ladies the chance to really live the high life. They will often be asked to keep some high profile clients company, and will get to see a totally different side to London. They will eat at Michelin star restaurants, party at some of the most exclusive nightclubs and bars in the capital, and stay at five star hotels. A great escort is never just in it for the perks of the job though – but they certainly are a nice bonus!

A rewarding job

Being an escort has to be one of the most gratifying jobs, and that’s why ladies in the profession love it so much. Just think about it – men come to you with some of their most intimate confessions and some requests that they may never have shared with anyone before. They may have been ridiculed by or too scared to share their desires with past lovers, and an escort is often the only person they feel they can be themselves with. Fulfilling those men’s fantasies is incredibly rewarding.

No two appointments are the same

Every day is different when you’re an escort. One day you could be accompanying a VIP client to an important function, and the next sharing a low-key, intimate night in with a man wanting to broaden his erotic horizons. For women who have felt trapped in a boring, predictable, 9-5 job, the excitement that escorting offers is really enjoyable. For those who thrive on the unpredictable, escorting really is the perfect career!

The best agency in London

Whether you are an escort looking for the perfect agency or you’re a gentleman looking to book an appointment, it’s important to find an exceptional agency. La Belle Affaire have built up a reputation as one of the most trusted escort agencies in the capital. With a really diverse range of escorts and a rapidly expanding client base, it’s easy to see why they are a firm favourite with escorts and men alike!

A career women in London love

Escorting is fun, rewarding, and offers something totally different every day! No wonder so many women all over the capital are saying goodbye to boring office jobs and joining the industry. There is really never a dull day when you’re working as high class escort in London, that’s for sure!

Why High Class Escorts Love Their Jobs

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