You know when you’re scoping out a new fancy restaurant you sometimes take a look into the dress code? Male escorts London have sort of the same thing; with a lot of escorts detailing a list of etiquette rules that you can, and should, follow in order to make the whole experience more positive and pleasant for both parties involved. In the same way that you need to check if you need to wear dress shoes, or if you need to swap your jeans for something a bit more formal when heading off to a new dining establishment, you should check that your etiquette is going to be on point when visiting an escort to avoid being kicked to the curb.

Basic etiquette tends to remain the same, so we’ll start with that. Make sure you’re preparing as if you were preparing for a date where you were expecting sex; just because you’re paying, it doesn’t mean you can slack on the hygiene – check that your nails and toenails are neatly trimmed, your teeth are brushes and you’ve had a shower or bath (though remember to brush your teeth more than 1 and a half hours prior to your appointment to prevent heightened risk of STD’s passed orally).

Other basic etiquette is just avoiding being rude, or making things awkward. Don’t ask your escort how many appointments have come before you in the day, don’t ask about family or other halves, don’t try to haggle the price down, just be generally kind and courteous. One wise escort tells us that she knows when you pee in her shower, and this means that she has to bleach the shower between each person using it – so, generally, use the toilet and not the shower, if you wouldn’t tend to do that. Generally it seems just being a non-nosy, hygienic human being covers the majority of the basic etiquette.

As for more tailored etiquette – most escorts will have their own rules. Whether these rules include taking your shoes off at the door, not ringing the doorbell or calling twenty minutes before you arrive? Chances are, they’ve come up with these rules of etiquette for a reason, and it’s not just to make your experience harder, but to ensure that she is as safe and comfortable as she can be in the circumstances. Don’t just skip over etiquette rules because the escort in question is perfect; take the etiquette requests as hard lines that you’re not to cross, and if you absolutely cannot get by without crossing one – the escort in question isn’t for you.

All in all – if you wouldn’t turn up to a bar in trainers when they specifically requested that you don’t (and will more than likely kick you out if you do), don’t turn up to visit an escort knowing that you’re going to do the things that she’s specifically requested that you don’t. Etiquette is there for a reason, and the more you follow it, the better your time with an escort will be.

Escort Etiquette

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