For many human beings, it’s a natural reaction to be at least slightly unsure when it comes to your body and how you feel about it – and this lack of self-confidence can prove an issue when it comes to seeking out an escort from a Glasgow directory for escorts.

A commonly asked question on just about any internet forum pertaining to booking an escort is whether they will care about your body and whether or not that you’re in shape – so does it really matter to an escort? Is it a deal breaker? Or is it only something that we worry about, that an escort has no real interest in?

The first thing to remember if that as exciting, loving and engaging as it can feel, is this is a business transaction to escorts. They want to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable and have a really good time, and they’re more focusing on pleasing you, and having you engage with them on the day to ensure that you get the best of your experience, that they probably aren’t really looking too much into what your body looks like, which probably isn’t as bad as you think it does in the first place.

The thing to remember is that the escort isn’t there to judge your body, but rather to fulfil a request that you’ve paid for – and after reading many answers to this question from many, many different escorts and ex-escorts and the general concensus seems to be that, whilst they aren’t really phased by any bodies that you’ve seen, there definitely are some things to be said by your attitude, and this is likely to put you into bad books, whereas chances are nothing about your appearance ever really could.

However, it is worth noting that, whereas nothing about your physical appearance is likely to make an escort turn you away, poor hygiene and general physical issues like this might be. A few extra pounds around your waste are unlikely to be a complete deal breaker, but turning up unwashed, with long dirty nails and toenails are a whole different story – and this is much more likely to upset your escort than anything else about your physical appearance. Though you don’t need to be a supermodel, you do need to be clean and well presented in order to make everyone feel clean, comfortable and raring to go.

So in short; the answer about whether your physical appearance matters to an escort in no – at least within reason. Whereas physical imperfections are unlikely to make an escort turn you down, poor hygiene is and so – it’s worth taking care of your physical appearance at least at a basic level, just the same as you would for a general date. So in conclusion; you don’t need to have made good use of your gym membership before you book in with an escort, but a shower and a nail trim definitely wouldn’t do you any harm.

Does What Your Body Looks Like Matter To An Escort?

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